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All about inserts and how to choose the right one.

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So, you're looking to cloth diaper your bundle of joy and trying to decide which insert type would work best for the diapers and the baby? Hopefully, by the time you're done reading this you will have a pretty good idea on how to pick inserts that are just right for you.

Back in the day, a cloth diapering parent had it tough. There really were just couple of diapering options, and they all involved a lot of work and patience. Today, thanks to the environmental and budget friendly cloth diapering movement, there are so many options of diapers to choose from that it becomes difficult for a new user to navigate through the options and understand the difference between the types and options available out there. In this post, I'm going to attempt to cover the types of inserts available through Cloth Diapers For Less.

Microfiber Inserts are some of the most widely available and economical options out there. Microfiber is a synthetic material that does a great job absorbing liquids very quickly. Microfiber inserts are quite absorbent, and depending on the number of layers used to create the insert, microfiber inserts can be great options for overnight use or heavy wetters. Because microfiber is a synthetic material, and because it has the ability to pull moisture from all around it, it's very important to never lay microfiber inserts directly against baby's skin as it can dry out the skin. Microfiber material is very soft and has a thicker texture to it than some other options like bamboo or hemp, so if you're looking for less bulky options for your diapering needs, microfiber might not be your best bet for day time use. It's also important to note that microfiber, while very economical in initial investment cost, does not have as great of a life expectancy as bamboo or hemp materials do. You can expect your microfiber inserts to serve you loyally for about a year, after which you might start noticing less of a level of absorbency.

Bamboo Inserts are made from a natural fiber, hence you can put them directly against baby's skin while using covers or as a second insert to double the absorbency. Bamboo inserts are incredibly soft and absorbent, and they will remain that way for couple years worth of use, those earning a title of one of the best investment when it comes to inserts. Bamboo material also absorbs moisture incredibly fast and can hold a lot of it without irritating the skin. Bamboo inserts from Cloth Diapers For Less are made with 4 layers and are very trim and absorbent. They will work great even for the smallest of babies and, even if you need to adjust your diapers down in size, bamboo inserts will not add bulk to it making the diaper look awkward or being uncomfortable for the baby.

Charcoal Bamboo inserts are really just inserts that are made from bamboo layers with charcoal spun into it on the outside, and microfiber layers on the inside. CB inserts from Cloth Diapers For Less come with 3 layers of microfiber in the middle, making them an excellent insert for heavy wetters. Because the outside layers are made from bamboo material, it is safe to lay the insert against baby's skin. Because of the unique bamboo and charcoal combination, the inserts have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and can even control the level of moisture your baby's skin has when in contact with the material. Another fun benefit of charcoal bamboo inserts are their color. Because they are much darker in color than microfiber, bamboo or hemp, they don't show staining that sometimes can happen overtime.

Hemp inserts are the most absorbent out of all the other types of inserts available at Cloth Diapers For Less. The inserts, made from 5 layers of hemp material, are incredibly trim, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and can hold a lot of liquid. Hemp inserts become softer the more you wash them, and they will also become more absorbent with time. Hemp is one of the more expensive types of inserts available, but is definitely a great investment because the inserts will last the longest out of all the other options. One thing to keep in mind when deciding between hemp and other material is that while hemp inserts absorb the most liquids, they also don't absorb as quickly as bamboo or microfiber. If you're looking for the absolute most absorbent option for overnight, try layering hemp insert behind either a microfiber or a bamboo insert, so the insert closest to baby's skin absorbs liquids very quickly, and hemp insert behind it absorbs volumes and holds it in.

Whichever option you end up choosing, it's always great to buy one or two and to test it out. As much information as there is about all of the insert options available, sometimes it comes down to a simple personal preference.

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