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Newborn Diapers

Please note the diaper pictured is a regular pocket diaper. The print you will receive is going to look the same and the image is used for display purposes. The actual diaper you will be receiving is that of a NEWBORN AIO.

AIO newborn diapers and made especially for the tinny weeny bottoms and come with two rows of adjustable snaps to create a perfect fit for babies 4-8lbs.

The microfiber insert is sewn inside the diaper for convenience and absorbency. When the diaper is soiled, place the entire diaper in the washing machine. No separation required.

Outer - A waterproof & breathable PUL
Inner - Suede cloth: Suede cloth wicks moisture away from baby's bottom. It is an excellent choice next to baby's skin for pocket style cloth diapers. Liquid passes right through suede cloth into the inner absorbent layers of the insert. Unlike fleece there is no pilling.